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Here are a couple of little recordings I made in 2008 while experimenting with Fritz, the artificial head we used to record Up Close with. You will need headphones to hear the effect. If you don’t have headphones you can try covering you EarPods or AirPods with your hands, so that no sound escapes.

The first recording is whispering into Fritz’s ears:

For the second recording I swung the guitar around the head:

These files are 16/44.1k, but the album will be available from Bandcamp in 24/96k.

The above examples play on my computer and phone, but may not play on PC. You can try this sample, which is an mp3 file.



  1. JaneParhamKatz

    OK. The whisper gave me goose bumps. Was that you, Ottmar?

    Thanks for sharing details like this. I love so much the binaural effect!

    • Melissa

      It’s a bit of a drag that I mostly can’t access cool content here.

      Sometimes, I do.

      I get a feel for what must be going on through the other comments.

      • Melissa

        For seven seconds she followed his voice behind her, the whisper of a shadow.

        I can do anything at all, with a little help from my friends. ; )

  2. Y.

    Those are a real treat.
    Fritz worked very hard.

  3. Odisea

    Very close


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