Dance 4 Me – Ultra Violet Version

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I asked several musicians to create different versions of “Dance 4 Me”, from the recently released album vision 2020. They could take the piece into any direction they envisioned, I told them. Here is the first version in that series. Stephen Duros created a remix he calls “Ultra Violet”. I uploaded two versions of Ultra Violet, his mix and my mix.

photo by Lisana.
design by OL


  1. Angela

    As I look at the page, am I right that the bottom track is yours?, the one that is 6:10? I smiled when I heard your fingers around 1:50.

  2. Steve

    I love the bassline on this! (speaking as a bass player, of course) Jon is an ace!

    • ottmar

      This version uses Jon’s slap bass from the original version that is on “vision 2020”, but there is also a lot of synth bass that Stephen played. I love how the two parts work together.
      And yes, Jon is an absolute ace.

  3. JaneParhamKatz

    Both versions sound great, but I think OL’s version is a little more musical and smoother. I’m not versed in the art of mixing, but for example Ottmar brings out the two-note “melody” slightly stronger in the opening sounds. And Ottmar’s entry of the synthesizer is gentler. Hey, I like the version on the “Vision 2020” album.

    Ottmar, I love what you did with your amazing profile photo. The exciting psychedelic colors and beautiful lettering are exquisite, especially with the white background. On first view, I thought the photo as posted on Instagram was a touch alien and a touch Captain Picard, given the angle and the way shadows cut out part of your neck. Your designed version is forceful and handsome!

    • ottmar

      I have felt like an alien most of my life so perhaps I was channeling that into the cover. Like Bowie in “The Man Who Fell to Earth” I was never able to leave this rock.

  4. JaneParhamKatz

    I know what you mean. That’s a reason I sought a career at NASA. One, I believe we need a place to go if greed and ignorance drive Earth to the uninhabitable; NASA is trying to develop the space travel means and the knowledge of possible places to go. Two, there are a lot of people at NASA who feel like aliens – I seemed at home. By the way, these folks at NASA are extremely brilliant. So you are in good company!


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