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That’s the cover for the new album, which will appear on Bandcamp within the week. The design of my name is a nod to my dad who, when asked how to spell his name, always said “Liebe mit RT”. Liebe is the German word for Love and “mit” means with.

This morning I listened to the album – I should keep count on how often I listen to a mix before it becomes final… hundreds of times, I’m sure – and couldn’t find anything I would want to change.

There is one piece, track #5, called Afternoon Waves, that reminded me of the saying (Tibetan?) that while clouds and storms come and go the sky above them is always blue. Why? Because there is a rhythm guitar, on the left side, that keeps going at the same pace even while the verse is 59 beats per minute (halftime) and the chorus is 118 BPM. All other instruments change with the tempo, except that one guitar. It’s the blue sky above the storms.


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    Ottmar, Liebe(rt). This cover is breath-taking. I feel the joy of your father. I would like to know everything about him.

    I love the idea of AFTERNOON WAVES. I often pondered, while flying, how clear blue the sky always was at 30,000 feet though we took off from under gray clouds.

  2. Nancy

    I really like the new cover, and love the way you have designed your name. Very cool that it starts with love. My name is Swedish for mountain in bloom (Blomberg). I always find the translation of names interesting. I can’t wait to hear the new album. I am sure it will be wonderful just like everything you do!

  3. y

    Words, message, image. Thought provoking.
    Look forward to listening.

  4. Liz in Ohio

    The cover is very interesting. It makes me think this year has been a shadow of what it could have been and yet there is still light in the world. The focus (at least in the media) has not been on the light, but on the shadows. Not sure if you truly meant for that, but it’s what it means to me. :) I love the story of the colors used for your last name. Thank you for sharing that and for sharing your music with us!

  5. Analis

    This is a fantastic cover – very poetic. Shadow + vision. Shadows are a result of light, a necessary consequence. Shadows give shape to things, too.
    Props to the photographer.

    Your dad sounds like a romantic. :)

  6. JaneParhamKatz

    I downloaded vision 2020 from Bandcamp. I’m so glad to have it. You continue to evolve. THANK YOU AND I LOOK FORWARD TO ALL YOUR ALBUMS!

    I made a comment on Instagram under the name JaneKatz8 re your new photos . It’s me! I really liked those shots – the real you.


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