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Friday evening on the plaza. Strange that such a simple gesture as wearing a mask to protect other people from one’s own potentially dangerous fluids has become politicized. We expect doctors and nurses to wear masks for many hours each day. We also expect cooks to wash their hands after they go to the bathroom… but wearing a mask when we are in public or inside a store is too much?

A friend of mine designed this clear face mask, currently on Kickstarter: Clearly Human Reveal Mask


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    It’s been a while since I went to the plaza. I have loved that plaza since I was a child. I’m more than willing to wear a mask as long as necessary. I wept as I watched a toddler put on her mask as she entered Sprouts market, all dressed up with sparkling shoes. What must it be like for the children? Maybe it’s no big deal to them. This little one seemed light-hearted, dancing around. I do miss seeing people’s faces. I’m grateful for so many things… being able to afford staying at home, having abundance of food and supplies, music, and British detective dramas! :-).

  2. Will

    We were just talking about this today. A friend of ours had twins and they are in their formative years in which they start reading facial expressions to learn emotions etc. Of course they see their parents face but the rest of the world is a blank, sterile face. They have started FaceTiming friends and family to have a little “facial emotion” time with the boys.

    On another note it is off walking the trails with a mask and sunglasses on not being able to smile or see other peoples smile or emotional state.

    • ottmar

      I don’t know, man. Not seeing people’s facial expression is rough… but better than growing up in the Sixties and not sleeping because of fear of biochem attacks or a nuclear holocaust. Every generation has their own awfulness. Always has and perhaps always will.

      • Will

        For sure it is a much different circumstance comparatively. Although it is scary and ironic a virus brought the world to a halt both economically and socially. The Cold War era had devastating localized impacts (Japan) and always had the threat and fear of mutual mass destruction. But in recent history I think this was the quickest and largest impact we have seen. I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come.

        In discussions today we noted that right now so many people are stressed and maybe even isolated in which a glancing smile or hug could make a serious difference and unfortunately we are not able to.

        For the record I am not advocating not wearing masks, not following local guidelines or being respectful of other people’s proximity/comfort.


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