Sky Reflection

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Looking south on State Road NM-41 not far from Galisteo. The sky is not reflected in water, but in the roof of my car. When I noticed this reflection I was surprised because my car is always dirty. The only time it gets washed is when it stands outside in the rain.


  1. Lynne Rouillard

    WOW, again, so beautiful!! I won’t go into detail, because it’ll be in a book I’m writing, but I spent a considerable amount of time in bars as a kid. And, when I would get tired of waiting for the adults I was with I would sit in the back booth at one particular bar. On the back wall was a Hamm’s Beer sign. And, I would dream of one day visiting “the land of sky blue waters”. This picture has me thinking New Mexico may be that land. . . .:-)

  2. Luz

    Dios mis-que belleza! Some of the bluest skies I’ve ever seen were when I traveled through New Mexico. Once this pandemic is over I hope to get back up there soon.

  3. Dave Kirschner

    Still driving the Prius?

  4. Lynne Rouillard

    Ottmar, I was so taken in by this utterly brilliant blue sky and the reflection you captured in what I thought was a large body of water that I missed what you wrote beneath the picture. Whoa…that’s some reflection from a car roof! It must have moon dust or some other special coating to create that type of reflection. :-) That said, if I had to choose between looking at a blue sky or a blue ocean, I would “always” go for the blue sky. And, happy to know the sky in New Mexico can be this blue. . . .


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