A Waddle

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I don’t remember dreams very often and when I do remember one I have, on occasion, mistaken it for reality. The other night I had a dream I could not mistake for reality, however. I remember thinking I have to remember this image! I don’t know whether this occurred during the dream or whether it was already a memory of the dream. In any case the image still has me smiling two days later.

In my dream I was sitting at my dining room table, looking out of the windows, when a waddle (((a group of penguins on land is called a waddle, in the water they are called a raft – I had to look it up))) of penguins walked across my view, from right to left. They were talking but I don’t speak penguin and didn’t understand. I remember being delighted and that I smiled… and that I really wanted to remember it.


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    I’m still listening right now. Thank you for that “Namaste” after your concert today. How you can turn a phrase on those strings! :-} Say, did you realize your right foot resembles a little guitar?

    Sitting still and viewing your photography for 20 minutes gives such peace!

    I sure prefer your waddle of penguins to my bombs. Now there’s something I would never have imagined saying to anyone!

    Love to you.

  2. Juanitsz

    What a lovely dream.
    I adore penguins. So I am jealous. I wish I could have a penguin dream.
    Dreaming of penguins is a reflection of a person’s honesty and optimistic attitude.
    Your music is very much a reflection of that.
    Keep having sweet dreams and thank you for your music.


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