Santa Cruz Reservoir 2

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Here are a couple of photos from my short trip to the Santa Cruz Reservoir this week. After 34 years of living in Santa Fe the New Mexico landscape continues to move me. Space to get lost in.

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  1. JaneParhamKatz

    New Mexico. Through all my life, living in Manhattan, Washington DC, even San Francisco, I would weep with longing for New Mexico – the open vistas, the blue mountains, the little round bushes, the skies, oh the skies, sunsets, thunderstorms, the Indian aura, the aspens, the old adobe houses with their blue trim. I got myself born in Albuquerque, but my parents took me back to their native Oklahoma when I was two. Well! I finally made it back to settle down in Santa Fe, a dream come true! Then, to discover that Ottmar Liebert, the magnificent guitarist I had adored for several decades, loves New Mexico and lives here too! Shockingly wonderful!


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