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I wondered whether it might be strange to perform in daylight, but it was fine. Did you see the light slowly moving from the left? That was nice.

I didn’t record the performance, but from where I sat it sounded like I was having fun. There was a new piece in that set as well. Did you notice? I played it after Santa Fe and before Twitch. It’s something I started working on yesterday. Who knows what it might become when it grows up!

Thanks to all who tuned in.

Next month I will have a second camera, a microphone for talking, and a smoother way to switch between performance and slideshow. In fact I’ll have a few new slideshows by then.


  1. Denise

    What a beautiful moment! The sun’s rays were reflected on your guitar, it was nice. I like different styles of music like arabic, turkish, rock, new age and electronic music but your instrumental music is so beautiful and special to me. It is a relief to the soul and you are an amazing guitar player. My boys are starting to listen to your music too, they love it! We listen to you together. My oldest son is learning piano, but lately he spends more time practicing on his guitar. Thank you for your time and for doing this. I don’t fully understand English but I do my best. God bless you!

  2. JaneParhamKatz

    Yes, Ottmar, the Santa Fe sunlight performed in harmony with you! It started as a small vertical bright slit on the wall, increasing slowly in width. It started to travel onto the floor and morphed into a gleaming star at your right elbow, sometimes flitting onto the guitar, once in a while gently touching your right hand. Finally it formed itself into a rectangle and settled on the floor beside you. I felt this light was a visitor from another dimension, loving your music. :-)

    I thought maybe you were improvising that new piece. It was good. I enjoy that Santa Fe is a little different every time. It was especially gorgeous today! Say, on the first NOUVEAU FLAMENCO album, Santa Fe had a pattern of triplets I really liked, near the end. It sounded so old west.

    I applauded enthusiastically after every song. I bet everyone was doing that! It was thrilling to see comments on the Twitch chat room coming from Cologne, Paris, London, The Netherlands, New Zealand…. It sounds like you are evolving in your streaming productions, adding a camera and the voice microphone. Yeah! I’m looking forward to the next one.


  3. Lynne Rouillard

    I wondered what your morning concert yesterday might be like too, Ottmar. First, the shaft of bright sunlight on the wall definitely caught my attention. And, beautiful to watch as it expanded and slowly moved towards you. For a time it looked like a small being of pure sunlight standing next to you soaking in the sounds. And, then morphing again and moving onto your hand and guitar. Clearly, a divinely ordained special effect. :-) Now about that new piece, if part of it is when you tapped (sorry, probably not how musicians would describe it) your guitar multiple times with extended pauses in between, even unfinished, it’s beyond cool. Seriously, it rocks! You definitely looked like you were enjoying yourself and especially in the second half. You looked up a few times and gave us some awesome smiles. ;-) As for the concert, drawing again from the recent cool podcast with Justin Comcast (www.guitarfreaks.com), your music “takes one on a journey”. And, at various points I watched through tears as the music helped in releasing some sadness. This in turn opened my heart, and further in the journey allowed me to experience the delicate nuances and joy has n your music. And, how awesome that fans in other countries are able to view live-streamed concerts with you. The slideshow was also beautiful. And, love the time-released candles. Also hope, “Heart Still Beating, “Morning Arrival in Goa,” and “August Moon” will be in future performances. And, as others have already commented, your concerts are especially refreshing, healing and uplifting in these times. Thank you, Ottmar. . . .


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