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Thanks to all who tuned in.

@sholden’s screen capture of yesterday evening’s performance:

View in my house:

I was told many were wondering how to donate… apparently one could only see the donation field when using a browser to access Twitch on a computer and many folks were watching on phones and tablets. It is surprising how much phones and tablets have replaced computers.
Twitch Screenshot


  1. Luz Rivera

    UGH–I missed the performance and not any way to see it. :-(

  2. Victor H.

    Your music was quite enjoyable last night! Great to see you again and it felt very intimate.

    The feed dropped a couple times for us but quickly recovered. The sound and video quality was better than other streaming concerts I’ve seen. I think your setup picks up the guitar nuances well and gives the feeling of being in the room with you.

    We have a Twitch app on our TV but had to get on the laptop to get to the donation link.

    Enjoyed the slideshow too. Thank you for all of it!

  3. Lynne Rouillard

    Loved your live concert, Ottmar, thank you! I watched it on the beach in Santa Monica with a friend who recently moved to the U.S. from Austria. It was her first time to experience your music. And, she agrees, it’s crazy-beautiful!! We lost the connection ( a few times, but were able to reconnect. And, having different service providers allowed us to stay connected for most of it. It was so wonderful being on the beach with the ocean breeze and crashing waves as a background to your concert. There’s always been a subtle, high vibration about your music; a transcendent energy. Hard to describe, but it uplifts and transports you. And, like the guy who led the podcast ( very aptly conveyed, your music takes listeners on a journey! Next time my friend said she’s bringing portable speakers to the beach. And, who knows where that will take us!. :-) Friends in Virginia, Malibu and Maui were also online. And, some texted how much they enjoyed It. One of them said, “Unbelievable how he can sit in that position for an hour”! :-) Thank you again, OL. Your music is both healing and a gift in these very difficult times for our nation and world. . . .
    P.S. If we missed the window for a donation last night can we still get it to you using LimePay? If not, how we can make a donation?

    • Melissa Madere

      Please know I was able to donate using my android, so perhaps it’s a different issue.

      • Lynne Rouillard

        Thank you for sharing this, Melissa! My 2016 Mac Pro laptop has a hardware (battery overheating) issue. And, it’s good to know LimePay is Smart-phone friendly. :-) I went hiking yesterday afternoon, but plan to get a nice donation in for OL’s amazing concert today via iPhone. . . .

  4. JaneParhamKatz

    Merci encore, Ottmar, for inviting us into your lovely home for an inspiring live performance. I was looking forward to hearing your voice, but…silly me. By the way, your hands are looking so beautiful and strong.

    I could not send a donation from my phone, but did it later from my desktop. LimePay’s receipt noted: “Thank you for your payment TO JaneParhamKatz.” I sent it again, same receipt. Now checking my credit card balance, I see I sent you two payments. I’m glad!

    You were very graceful last night when you stood and walked around the camera. And the abundance of fascinating photos was overwhelming and put me in quite a different world.

    Maybe you will continue live streaming even when you go back to touring!

  5. Denise

    Beautiful live performance, Snake Charmer sounded beautiful, I love the feeling when you play each song, the essence of your music is good for the soul, the candles and the art of the photos. A very special moment. Thank you

  6. Boris

    Looking forward to 06/09!

    Twitch should be a good solution. Many chess players use it to stream for hours and comment at the same time. Also just read that Wigmore Hall in the UK dies some nice streaming but I think they do it via YouTube.

  7. Juanitsz

    Wonderful performance Ottmar. Thank you.
    And for those using a tablet to watch and were looking to donate with LimePay….
    click onto ottmar liebert tab, click the info tab and “Donate vie LimePay” shows up.


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