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I love the guitar but I don’t think I am a guitar freak. For me music is about the melody, the rhythm, and the harmonies, not about the guitar. I shy away from the ability of a guitar player to play without taking a breath. In that light I was surprised to be asked to speak to Justin Comcast for the Guitar Freaks podcast.

We had an hour long conversation last week that I enjoyed. I haven’t listened to this podcast, because I don’t like to hear myself speak. I hope it turned out okay. :-)

Links: Simplecast or Apple Podcast


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    Great interview! Hey, your speaking voice is sonorous, your laughter is joyous, and your conversation is creative and flows like a mountain stream. I like the hint of German in your inflection. Justin absolutely loves you, doesn’t he!

    I see one thing, among many things, that makes your playing masterful, a cut above: You are on a high level of musicianship; as you said – it’s not about the guitar. You use the guitar to sing a human/divine song, and your melodies, harmonies and rhythms are varied and clearly speak of love, beauty, joy, dancing, nature; well one can’t label them all.

    Justin said your music relaxes him and calms his kids. Well, not for me. Your music excites me! Ha, ha! It disturbs me, fills me with longing, inspires me. Once I played a Debussy piano piece for a friend. When I finished, she was sound asleep! She awakened and said that was the most beautiful music she ever heard, that it helped her go to sleep. Well, I never!

    Last thing, the clip of TWITCH was beautifully enhanced with the other sounds you’ve mixed in.

  2. Denise

    Ottmar, you’re an amazing artist!

  3. Y.

    Nice interview!


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