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02020-05-29 | Performance, Santa Fe | 4 comments

What I learned last night:

  • the software did not crash… a few days ago it crashed multiple times during testing, so this was a relief
  • I was told the guitar sounded good… there is nothing more important to me that this
  • when I spoke it wasn’t picked up well, because I relied on the guitar microphone… I am looking for an unobtrusive microphone with a silent on/off switch that I can use for my voice. In concerts I use a Shure handheld mic for this purpose but it would be nice to fid something smaller. (((the reason for the switch is that if the mic was left on the entire time it would pick up some of the guitar and muddy the sound)))
  • it was interesting not to get immediate feedback because a live-stream audience is silent. I didn’t mind this because a live-stream should be different from a concert and will never replace the feeling of a concert

So what’s next? I want to do two performances next week, one midday (((evening in Europe))) and one in the evening. I need to inform the folks on my mailing list and add a donation box to my Twitch page. I am eying the roof of my house for a future sunset performance. It would require carrying a lot of stuff up a ladder, but it could be fun – IF we have one of our glorious Santa Fe sunsets that evening.

This is the simple setup I used last night:

The set list was:

  1. Bombay
  2. Indigo
  3. Butterfly Dream
  4. Twitch
  5. Shadow

I hadn’t played Bombay, from The Hours Between Night + Day, in ages. Really enjoyed playing that piece again. Indigo is from last year’s album Fete. Fete is now available for streaming from Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, and many others.


  1. Denise

    Ottmart, you looked wonderful yesterday. I liked the simple set with the candles. It was relaxing and peaceful. Even though I missed the first 10 minutes of the performance, I was so sure we had a 3 hour time difference, but it was only 2. The sound quality of the guitar was excellent. I watched a video on Youtube in April looking for your songs that I had not heard before and then I found a live performance of you in The Bing Lounch 101.9 KINK FM, and the title of the song was: This spring release 10000 butterflies, I thought it was the same song. Shadow sounded so beautiful. Samba pa ti, Heart still beating and Candlelight are beautiful songs too. I liked the video at the end nice pictures

  2. JaneParhamKatz

    Ottmar, did you see your chat room on Twitch? Lots of people were sending totally positive comments during the performance. Really fun!

    This “dress rehearsal” went so well. What a joy for all your fans. When you get the microphone for your voice, the sound will be perfect. I sent a comment last night that the changing light colors were a great idea, but that the orange light washed out your face. And I liked watching your shadow moving on the wall. You should dust your pate lightly with powder so it won’t reflect the light bulbs. (Something sensitive: when you approached the computer to turn it off, you uncrossed your legs and careened crotch first toward the camera, then your face came up so close it was totally distorted. Someone else should turn that off while you stay in place.) Well, who’s going to tell you if not your loving friend!

    Your photographs are spectacular. Interesting, artistic, inspiring. I loved the two gloves on the ends of two sticks, reaching out for an embrace. Oh so many wonderful shots!

  3. Chuck

    As a longtime fan, I can’t wait for Thursday night!

    “peace” from Boise.

  4. Lucille A Rivera

    Thanks for posting the setup photo as I was curious about that. Thanks for posting the setlist as well. I understand a live performance should not be recorded but it would also be nice –maybe for a 24 hour period to have access to see/hear the performance again. Heck, I’d even pay a higher fee/donation for a special access code of sorts. I have been following another performer with her songs from home and she does two per week. One in the middle of the week/daytime and then a weekend/evening. Again, I would sure hate to miss a performance and not be able to experience it –which is why I’m thankful that performer records her music playing via youtube. Looking forward to the second edition on Thursday!


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