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Moths, moths, moths everywhere in Santa Fe. They love squeezing between window and frame, or doors and the frame. Shaking a bundle of keys makes them take off. I bought a high pitched wind chime and that seems to work. I have not seen this many moths in Santa Fe in thirty years.

If butterflies are elves then moths are Orcs!


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    NO KIDDING! I have watched while three moths squeezed between the screen and the glass door. So the second you open the glass door to get some air, those little buggers rush into the house.

    I deplore killing these creatures, but one flew in the dishes I was washing and I drowned her. This morning I woke up with a moth sleeping right by my pillow! We have stopped opening our windows, of course – AC only. Last night, as I walked out the front door, a huge moth slammed right into my face!

    A new study has discovered that moths have a cross-pollination function. They continue at night what bees do during daytime. What they do in my house is another question.

  2. JaneParhamKatz

    Orcs – ha ha ha ha ha!

  3. JaneParhamKatz

    Ottmar, CBS Sunday Morning showed this morning how many people have taken up making bread as a therapy during quarantine!


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