Whatever Flour Bread

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Flour is becoming hard to find. More people are baking, which is great, but others simply hoard flour that will most likely sit around the pantry for a year or so and will then be discarded. I am using whatever I can find. In this case some Teff flour, more whole wheat flour, less AP flour.


  1. Steve

    Ottmar …

    There is a place in Hampton Nebraska called Pleasant Hill Grain. You might give them a try.
    I always buy from these folks and they are very accommodating. Typically I just pick my order up as I am driving either eastbound or westbound on I-80 between Boulder, CO and Lincoln, NE, but I know they actually ship any where in CONUS.

    URL: https://pleasanthillgrain.com/

    • ottmar

      Thank you, Steve.

      • Steve

        It occurs to me that I made a bit of an assumption … I am assuming that you are milling your own flour .. ( I mill my own flour using a mill I got at that store, now that I think on it)

        If that’s not true, my recommendation might be not so great.

        • ottmar

          I still have a little flour left. I do have a mill that I have used for whole grain flour before. So I have options. Thanks.


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