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As if these times hadn’t been interesting enough already! Now The Rona has turbocharged the present. Do you think George RR Martin is writing our script? It has that quality of GoT were anything can, and will happen. You know, maximum mayhem at all times.

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  1. JaneParhamKatz

    I tried to resist commenting, but alas I cannot. To me this script is like a Biblical or Austro-Hungarian epic. One disaster after another. Rona the Terrible!

    I couldn’t get into Game of Thrones. Strangely, I liked BLACKLIST and CRIMINAL MINDS.

    We met a marvelous woman Sunday. Aysen New. Do you know her? She was out for a walk; we stopped our car to ask her a logistic question and had a magical conversation, ending with her inviting us for tea. Her husband was Lloyd Kiva New, a Cherokee of prominence in Santa Fe. Good things are still happening!


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