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For the experience of being in the middle of my studio, while we make music sitting around you, check out our album Up Close. You can stream it on Apple Music and it should also be available from Spotify and others. The album is a binaural dummy head recording, sometimes also called holophonics. The listener has to use headphones to experience the 3D surround-sound quality of the music, because what your left ear hears has to be completely isolated from what the right ear hears. That means that earbuds which don’t seal the ear completely will not work. On regular loudspeakers the effect is completely lost and the album sounds meh. Recorded live-to-stereo in August of 2007. No edits were made and the volume was not compressed. This album is not as loud as most music and you might have to turn up the volume on your computer or mp3 player. Also check out this article on


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    Excitingly pleasant! Why not record everything this way? I like that you said, “Meh” of the sound on regular speakers. Good word! I thought it was a typo, but no – I looked it up. :-)

  2. MTCallahan

    Up Close was on my shortlist of music to use when testing my new Powerbeats earphones last week. Such a fun album.

    I hope “Fritz” is doing well, wherever he is now.


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