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I just came home from an early walk through empty streets. This week I have been getting up at 0500 every morning, sitting down to meditate around 0600 and walking four miles at 0700. Meditating while day breaks is wonderful. I will write a separate post about meditation, because it is so helpful at a time like this.

The world will soon be a very different place – here are some light-hearted reasons why it will look different.

We will begin to see people’s natural hair color as salons are shuttered and even home visits are strictly forbidden in Europe, although I am sure there is a sizable illegal trade going on. Wear the grey with pride, I say.

People will have to suspend their Botox habit, or learn how to inject themselves.

There is a large uptick in sales of shavers and beard trimmer as people take care of their hair themselves. That reminds me, it’s time for my weekly shave. :-)

I am reminded yet again that this virus does not care about borders and it doesn’t care whether you are beautiful or rich or powerful. All that matters is what we do, not who we are or what we have. To do means more than to have. Lending a helping hand, having compassion for others, that’s doing. Beauty, wealth and power are something we only wear like a garment, for a brief time… and then it’s gone.


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    Wow! Did you just get that “Severe Alert” on your phone? It demanded all New Mexico to stay home and all but essential businesses to shut down.

    Thank you, Dear Man, for your encouraging thoughts and your humor. I put off my visit to the hair dresser, and now it’s too late. Soon I will have long brown hair instead of bouncy blond locks. I’ll wear hair ornaments for excitement. Haha. I might write another thought here later.

  2. JaneParhamKatz

    Just saw that Lensic rescheduled your April 17 date to Sept 2, 7:30. Great.

  3. Banafsheh

    I love reading your entries..

    • JaneParhamKatz

      Why thank you!


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