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Russian scientists thawed ancient worms found in permafrost. Two of them revived and began moving and eating. One was dated at about 32,000 years old, the other approximately 41,700 years old.



  1. JaneParhamKatz

    Let’s name them Romeo and Juliet! Ottmar, you are one wonderful weird Dude. To the extreme!

    My favorite worms are the C. elegans. They are no threat, feeding on rotting vegetation. They measure about 1mm long and have tiny brains, too. They are heroes to certain NASA folks, because they survived the 2003 Columbia Space Shuttle crash, happy and healthy. After weeks of collecting and sorting the Columbia debris scattered over Texas, the experiment canister containing C. elegans was found – and most of the worms inside were ALIVE! In fact, during the 2-week Shuttle flight and the weeks after the crash, several new generations had been born. One scientist tried to get the press to report the worms as life from outer space! This was one light in the darkness of the tragedy. (I saw the beautiful new Shuttle Columbia head out from California to Florida, mounted on a Boeing 747, to take its maiden voyage into space in 1986.)

    Today I smelled the fragrant Santa Fe rain, felt the mountain breeze, and wept to see the tree buds pushing forth their tiny points of green. Oh, the magnificent clouds and, later, the glorious full moon. Ageless!

  2. Victor H.

    That article rocked my notions of longevity. But also couldn’t help but think…
    Jurassic Park reality: “Come see 40,000 year old nematodes! Spared no expense.” :-)

    • JaneParhamKatz

      So you know nematodes!

      • Victor H.

        Only by reputation ;-)

        • JaneParhamKatz

          : )


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