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While funk can mean smell or a particularly moving musical beat in America, the German word Funk means radio or wireless. Therefore the Funkhaus in Vienna isn’t a temple to funkiness but rather a broadcaster.


  1. MTCallahan

    I guess my trip to the Temple of Funkiness is off then. Disappointing.

    • ottmar

      Ah, but maybe, like many other broadcasters, they have an anechoic chamber where you would be able to hear the funk of your own nervous system and blood rush?

  2. Lynne Rouillard

    Interesting…it can also mean a depressed state of mind. Hopefully, broadcast at a low transmission. Speaking of words, I think you would enjoy, “Process, The Writing Lives of Great Authors” by Sarah Stodola. Garcia Street Books (Santa Fe) carries it! The first author featured is Franz Kafka and details how a bug produced the seminal image of his most famous work, “The Metamorphosis”. It brings to mind a cool IG post you made some months ago of a grasshopper scaling a window….

  3. JaneParhamKatz

    Ottmar, you make me laugh so hard!


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