Canyon Club, Agoura Hills

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Stage and dressing room. No window.


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    Well, they tried to make up for lack of a window. Music IS our soul, don’t you think, whether it’s Jimi Hendrix or Ottmar Liebert! (I’m not sure about Schoenberg! Ha ha.)

    Say, nice flopping-around couch!

    • ottmar

      I am a Buddhist and I don’t believe in a soul, although in this case the word might be used metaphorically. As a result I am always struck by the hilarity of the club featuring several sculptures and images of Buddha while promoting the soul.

      If I had a club I’d prefer the Nietzsche quote “Without music life would be a mistake.” :-)

      • JaneParhamKatz

        It is hard to get clear with mere words. I might be Buddhist, too, because I just know there could not be a Thing called A soul. I like soul as a metaphor, a metaphor for infinite, wonderful forces, feelings, creativity, encompassing music, color, love, joy, ……

        • ottmar

          I agree. As a metaphor it works very well. Perhaps not dissimilar to the Chinese word that encompasses heart and mind.

          • JaneParhamKatz



            I will enjoy this.
            By the way, I loved the Nietzsche quote.

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