Saint Rocke, Hermosa Beach

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A view from the dressing room of Sainte Rock in Hermosa Beach. This is always an interesting show because the audience has to stand for the performance. There are some seats in the back but, with everyone in front standing, you probably don’t see very much from there.

I learned that Gabrielle Raumberger, who designed several of my albums for Sony Music, lives in Hermosa Beach. We talked backstage after the concert. I also ran into a man who worked on my first video in 1992, Reaching Out 2 U. Small world. Appears even smaller in a small club.

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  1. JaneParhamKatz

    I LOVE THIS PHOTO! Mysterious, suspenseful, just beautiful. I also liked the one from your Aztec dressing room in San Antonio. Please do one in every dressing room or another interesting window in the theater. Your admirer, Jane


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