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  1. JaneParhamKatz

    Almost abstract art. Love it.

  2. Lynne Rouillard

    Beautiful pic…ethereal… Back in LA after three wonderful weeks in the “City Different”. And, looking forward to getting more settled once I find an awesome guest house or casita. Apparently, the latter aren’t called “little adobes”. I also learned about “gators” & “sticks with snow baskets” after two awesome hikes in snow (Santa Fe National Forest). Beautiful and unforgettable!! Looking forward to your concert in Agoura on Sunday (02/16). And, the April concert in Santa Fe. Also, love “Fete” (especially tracks 6 & 8), and plan to load up on copies for friends & family!! Thank God you chose “happy” over melancholy with Fete! I consider it my duty as a citizen of this world to be vigilant about maintaining a positive outlook. Even at times when it can feel like swimming upstream. An image of an old Larsen (I believe) cartoon comes to mind of one sheep among a herd standing on its hind legs…(paraphrasing) the caption, “Do we really all have to act like sheep?” Grateful for your beautiful spirit, music and light, OL. . . .


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