It’s cold…

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  1. JaneParhamKatz

    You look like a version of Spiderman!

    • Lynne Rouillard

      It is indeed, cold, Ottmar, but a tolerable cold, would you agree? From my perspective, it’s clearly not the often -25 degree wind chill factor where I grew up (i.e. South Dakota & Nebraska). I’m currently in your beautiful “City Different,” which I’m drawn to make my new home, albeit part-time, initially. I’m having an amazing visit! Today began with lunch at lovely Gabriel’s, then a visit to the awe-inspiring White Rock overlook followed by helping a beautiful friend celebrate their birthday over an amazing dinner at La Casa Sena. Cold? Oh, yeh!! !! And, especially for one who’s lived in LA since 1984! But a cold that also serves to enhance the celebration of friendship, a crackling fireplace, and the warmth of a fine glass of Cabernet. . . .


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