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Yesterday’s performance at the House of Blues in Dallas was the last concert for 2019. Today we all go home. My sincere thanks to all who came to see us this year!

Chris, Jon, and I drove to Austin together, while our engineer went ahead by himself in order to go to a BBQ joint. I asked the question what each of us would do if we started out now. Given what it’s like in 2019, would you become a musician?

None of us have regrets being a musician and we love what we do but, at the same time, nobody would start a career in music now. Biotechnology, engineering, DNA research and linguistics were offered as professions that would be pursued in 2019.

I am going to use the break between Thanksgiving and the Florida tour in mid January to work on some of the ideas I have for two new albums.


  1. Luz

    I drove to Austin from Houston to see you at One World–my second time to do so. Enjoyed seeing Jon and the beast as it was once referred too! Such beautiful music from a trio! The couple next to us flew in from Oregon to see you perform and she wanted to visit Austin as well—her wish for her birthday. She too mentioned that they had gone to probably the same famous BBQ joint.

  2. janeparhamkatz

    Dearest Ottmar, I don’t buy that you would not start out to become a musician in 2019. Hasn’t it always been difficult to create a success as a musician? You would find a way now, as you did some decades ago. The superb talent and intelligence you have would carve a path!

    I understand your thinking, though. I should talk! I ran away from the music business before I really got going. I worked for the president of Columbia Artists Management in New York, Ronald Wilford. He told me I had a great future there but that I had to “pay my dues.” Sadly, I did not grasp what that meant. The year I worked there I found to be abusive and heartbreaking.


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