Today’s Bread

02019-04-15 | Photos | 3 comments

Two of the loaves have some matcha powder and cooked black rice in them. I’m already looking forward to cutting one of them open tomorrow morning to see what it looks like inside.

Update: There it is. The loaf on top has matcha and black rice, the other one has pink rice.


  1. Y.

    How was the flavor?

  2. ottmar

    It’s subtle, but I noticed that a slice of the bread with avocado tasted absolutely amazing. I will try using more matcha in the dough next time to see where that goes. Perhaps the tannin of matcha and the sour of sourdough bread are a great match?

  3. Banafsheh

    These are almost too beautiful to consume! – Matcha , yes..almost anything with Matcha is good but who knew pink/black rice inside bread !!


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