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On March 15th the trio played two sets at the Soiled Dove in Denver. The audiences were great, and we really enjoyed playing. On the 16th Jon and I drove to Rifle, Colorado, for the first of three duo gigs.

That’s a photo taken duing our duo performance in Rifle, Colorado, a week ago, captured by Twitter user @BarbiegirlToki. Jon and I also performed in Fort Collins on March 18th an 19th. These duets are very enjoyable and we are planning on doing a few more. Having worked togather for thirty years, we are very comfortable on stage and a lot of improvisation naturally happens. After joining with Chris to perform as a trio in Portland and Seattle next month, Jon and I will play more duets in May. May 9th through 11th we will be at The Iridium in Manhattan, and on May 12th we will perform at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago.

Dick Dale, the Surf Guitar Legend, died this week – more here. His real name was Richard Anthony Monsour and his father was Lebanese.

His high-energy interpretation of an old song from Asia Minor, “Misirlou” (Egyptian Girl), became the most famous song of surf rock: He had learned the tune from his Lebanese uncles, who played it on the oud.

What’s more American than surf rock? That’s as American as baseball, apple pie, the electric guitar, and the personal computer – and Steve Jobs’s father was also Middle Eastern, from Syria.

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  1. MT Callahan

    You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a gig at the Soiled Glove, I mean Soiled Dove!

    As much as I know I’ll enjoy the trio in Portland next month, I really would dig seeing the duo play sometime soon. Fingers crossed for a west coast run.


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