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We are working with a new merch company this year. Made in USA. We picked these two designs from several they came up with. Except, the pink on the woman’s T will be crimson, and that shirt will be a V-neck instead of a crew neck. I really like the faded black. The logos came from this.
T Men
T Women


  1. Matt Callahan

    Nice logo on the men’s shirt. But what does it mean?

  2. Ottmar

    It means that the “O” is sending alien codes to the cosmos via “L”-shaped transmissions on the men’s shirt… and hell, the women’s shirt is OL as Pac-Man, isn’t it!

  3. yumi

    I was waiting for this answer. I’ll never think of this logo in the same way now.

  4. Matt Callahan

    Damn!!! I thought all that activity on my backyard SETI equipment was the real thing. Now I find it’s just the signals from Santa Fe.

  5. yumi

    To Matt: You purchased and set up all that equipment, not to mention the multiple membership fees.

    How many times repeatedly have you been told that the signals came from a specific location in Santa Fe…?

  6. Matt Callahan

    I wouldn’t use the term purchased…

  7. Kaz

    Hello Ottmar and Friends!! Great idea for the V neck!! Love the T-shirt! I hope you’ll have them for your Canada dates looking forward 2 seeing u again!

  8. Adam Solomon

    In the next post, Ottmar announces he’s moved to Roswell to channel the alien spirits!

  9. yumi

    All alien signals aside, a very nice design. I remember that rendering and a very nice choice of shirt color.


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