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Lawrence Russell writes about an advance copy of “Dune” and an imaginary conversation with me:

He likes track #9, called “Smoke”:

The interesting thing about this album is that everyone who has heard an advance copy, picks a different favorite song. Different people have been equally enthusiastic about tracks #2, #3, #8, #9, #10 and #12.

I like that.


  1. Rambila

    I love this track. I can’t describe this feeling.
    Is a lost pasion… when I listen the instruments…
    Thanks Ottmar for your music!

  2. Luz50

    Smoke is smoking! LOVE the accordion-hurry April 24th!!

  3. yumi

    Wonderful article!

  4. Ulrich

    Ottmar Liebert,
    mit einem solchen Beginn zu einem Musik-Stück* schmerzt es um so mehr, dass Sie zwar nach Deutschland kommen, aber eben SOLO. Allerdings: ich möchte mich nicht beklagen, immerhin waren Sie ja letztes Jahr mit Band in :-)
    Und so freue ich mich schon auf das Konzert (übermorgen) im Quasimodo!

    * etwas/ein wenig Kritik habe ich aber doch: das E-Gitarren-Solo in der Mitte fand ich nicht passend … am Ende doch sehr passend …

  5. Ulrich

    Tatsächlich wunderbar!
    Und ausgerechnet jetzt nach :-) (Germany) ohne Band.
    Nun gut – keine Klage, nur Hoffnung, dass es vielleicht nächstes Jahr wieder ein Besuch mit Band wird.
    Auf jeden Fall freue ich mich jetzt schon auf das Konzert im Quasimodo!

  6. Felipe

    I love the sound of the electric guitar!

  7. Luz50

    I do love the electric guitar but it is the accordion that is smoking! Schweeeeet music!

  8. Rambila Zavala

    ¡Me encanta esta canción!

  9. Panj

    LOVE this song!!!…light and happy…takes me back to Europe!I am wondering which other song the stanza, (if that is the proper word), starting at 2:55 comes from? I know those notes…but can’t pinpoint the exact Song. Thanks Ottmar for allowing us to share all these cuts…can’t wait to hear the whole CD. God Speed!

  10. Adam Solomon

    Wait, did Lawrence Russell just equate “old school flamenco” (which is apparently defined as all non-OL flamenco, i.e., the entirety of flamenco) with “Don Quixote crap in an iron suit”? Really? Has this guy ever even listened to flamenco, or does he just see Esteban playing on QVC?

    Sorry that my first comment here in a while is negative, I am, but that sort of plain ignorance irks me. Yes, your music is wonderful. No, dismissing an ENTIRE MUSICAL CULTURE in order to make that point is neither cool nor hip nor necessary.

    This track is awesome, by the way! Damn, that accordion. If it were not 2:30 in the morning here I’d listen to the rest, but that will have to wait for tomorrow. Thanks for posting! Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.

  11. Ottmar

    Adam, when did you become so sanctimonious and humorless? Is that a required class when one studies flamenco in Spain?

  12. Ottmar

    Adam: I think you and I have both encountered the Don Quixotes of Flamenco, the defenders of the one true faith. They changed their names from Paul to Pepe, from Charles to Carlos, and rail against the defilement of their Dulcinea by the Gypsy Kings and Ottmar Liebert. And they usually don’t stop there, because anything less than Cante Jondo is somehow not worthy… Cante Chico does nothing for them, and rumba, well, that’s positively primitive.

    At least that’s how I read LR’s lines.

  13. Adam Solomon

    The Pauls and Charles and Johns (they become Juan, of course) are pretty rare, so I didn’t read his lines that way. On the other hand, I’m sure you’ve heard a lot more from those guys than I have! Anyway, you know I don’t like when people are all sanctimonious about “flamenco puro” or cante jondo, but LR’s comment struck me as the exact same sort sentiment only from the other side.


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