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We will rehearse on Sunday and Monday and will do the first handful of performances with our new percussionist in California next week. I think we will play more than half of the songs from the new album.

Well, the new album is just about finished. We are still working on the first and last track, short (one is a little over a minute and the other will be about 30-45 seconds, I think) sound creations/treatments based on guitar recordings that, to my mind, are the beginning and end of a dream, the dream being the music in between those bookends. And on Sunday or Monday we will also record a last percussion part.

We will get back from California on the 20th and Jon and I will leave for Germany on the 28th. That gives me about a week to finalyze the master and send the album off to the manufacturer. That’s tight, but should not be a problem.

With a little luck we should have CDs in time for our East Coast run in April and May.

My mockups for the new cover:

The middle panel is the back and the right panel the front of the album:

Dune Out

This is the inside, once the album is unfolded. The panel on the right will have a clear tray for the CD:
Dune In

My face will mostly be covered by a white CD. I do like the way the horse and I stare at the fly on the middle panel. I photographed the fly on a window of my friend’s house in Mendocino a year and a half ago. The other locations are:

Japanese Garden in Portland, Horse in Tibet, Dune in Mendocino, Horse in Spain, and the portrait was also taken in Mendocino – not far from the fly…

“Dune” may be available in five flavors:

1. 24/88.2kHz FLAC files from – probably around $17.98
2. CD (16/44.1kHz) from our web store, at concerts and from any place that still sells CDs – price will vary
3. 320kbps mp3 files from our ListeningLounge – $10
4. 256kbps mp3 files from iTunes, Amazon and others – $9.99
5. 128kbps mp3 files from our official “Dune” webpage – free

Yes, that is correct, I talked my manager into letting me give away 128kbps files for free. Since there are more than 100,000 ways to obtain my music for free on the internet anyway, albeit illegally, I thought why not give away 128kbps mp3 files ourselves. The webpage will state that we would appreciate a $5 donation for the album download, but if a person does not have a credit card we suggest “paying it foward” by buying a homeless person coffee, tea or a meal.


  1. Dave

    Very cool. I am looking forward to hearing new OL music! The picture of the horse inTibet looks familiar.

  2. LindaW

    I look forward to hearing it too!

  3. Steve(brokerbiker)

    OL- really looking forward to this release, particularly the FLAC and will, of course, also buy the CD for the liner notes. The fly photo is particularly interesting.
    As for fidelity, I have been listening to your Audiophile downloads from on my Dynaudio system in my new VW Touareg. Incredible sound system for a vehicle and it will make the drive from Boerne to Santa Fe in May a great trip. See
    Great concept of paying it forward by helping those in need. Peace

  4. Michael Cota

    Good Heart.

  5. Panj

    The pics did not come up, but i know they must be wonderful! They will be a nice surprise when I get the CD.
    LOVE idea of paying forward…especially feeding the homeless. God Speed!


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