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Highlight of the day: this sledding crow and the fact the it snowed and hailed in Santa Fe today. Lowlight: attempt of a hacker in Russia to pay for nearly $23,000 of airline tix with my Amex. S/he was denied.


  1. Guy

    Hi Ottmar,

    Just received a newsletter about tour dates in Canada (YES!). Debating if I’ll drive 7 hours to see you play in London on the 27th (Hope to meet up with you to say ‘Hi’)then drive back another 7hrs. Checked out the site at the concert venue for ticket prices, but another artist is booked for that date. Thought I’d let you know about this ‘mix up’ …

  2. Steve Lea

    Sorry for the late response but the sledding crow was great and thanks for bringing to our attention. Years ago when we lived in Austin, my wife rescued injured wild birds having her Federal and State migratory bird permits. The lowly Grackles and Pigeons were the most intelligent creatures, and once released frequently returned to us bringing their ‘friends’ knowing they could always find feed. In fact, one Grackle we named Boz would even perch on the rim of my paint jars as I painted outdoors.
    As a banker, I hate hearing of the continued hacking. Always be on guard and check accounts frequently.


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