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Here is a little sample of me playing the electric guitar, plugged straight into the Mesa Boogie amp. I use only my fingers, mostly the thumb actually, to play, as I find the sounds thus created much more expressive than using a pick. This is the second third of the piece with the working title “Nu Tangos/Rumba”, a repeat of the first third, which will later be followed by a faster Rumba – the third part.

I was looking for a new sound in this section, picked up the V-Strat and this was the result. Keep in mind that this is completely unfinished, no bass yet, no percussion (there is, however, a cajon loop from “Up Close” to indicate what I might want to get from a real percussionist next month…), no keyboards, no real mixing, and so on.

Tomorrow I will go see Keith, who will adjust the Strat he made for me (when? 2003?) to suit a slightly heavier gauge of strings. I am switching from a set starting with 0.09 to the D’Addario set called EXL110 which starts with 0.10 and the truss rod and the springs of the whammy bar have to be adjusted.


  1. Matt Callahan

    That is cussing awesome

  2. steve

    REALLY nice tone.

  3. Luz

    Ditto on what Matt said! WOW!!! More, por favor!

  4. dave


  5. Gerry

    Pity I can’t hear this. I’ve got a black box with a red x on my screen. I’ll have to check my settings.

  6. Panj

    Waaaaaaaay too short… :-)))))

  7. Victor

    Love the tone you get from your electric too, great sound and warmth

  8. Panj

    Came in for a bit of listening and i must say Ottmar, that you play the electric exactly like you play the acoustic, extremely refined…didn’t even know an electric guitar could be played that way…it was just getting even more interesting and you had me hooked and alas again…silence…can’t wait to hear more!!!…:-)
    Danke sehr für sharing!


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