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The following photo shows Jon’s Fender Princeton on the left and the Kelemen Champ, a copy of a 1960’s Fender Champ, on the right – I think this is a new amp for Kelemen as it can’t be found on their website.

This photo shows the Princeton on the left and my new Boogie on the right. Height and width are about the same, but the Boogie is deeper.

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  1. steve

    Since you are using amps that are based upon vacuum tube technology, all the complexity and nuance that is attendant in finger-style playing will be in the output signal. These designs that are simple and vacuum tube based tend to retain all the complexity that are produced by fingers on a string technique. This just cannot be modeled by digital modeling amps. It never will. If I understand correctly from your posting you are using the 5W triode setting- that will be full of nuance, and subtlety. Triode designs are so elegant and simple- so thoroughly capable of analogue detail.

    Of course I am an analogue snob so I have bias (no pun intended) :^)


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