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The new album I started working on is coming along very nicely. I think we might release three flavors:
1. A regular CD, available from the usual CD outlets and Amazon. A digital download version will mirror this release.
2. A double CD package that we will only be sold at live shows – the second CD will contain alternate versions, different mixes, edits and such. I have been thinking about making a special package to be sold at the shows for a while and it will be fun to create this.
3. A uncompressed 24/88.2 FLAC version that will be available from

Today, after our weekly breakfast, I picked up a Kelemen guitar amp at Jon’s to try out this weekend. It’s a handwired copy of a Sixties Fender Champ, a tiny, but excellent amp. I think Clapton used a Champ for “Layla”, and Keith Richards used Champs. A little more noisy than the Fender Princeton I am borrowing from Jon, but with a sweet tone. Then I discover that I still have the effect pedals I used in the early Eighties, an analog Roland Chorus and other interesting stuff. I am glad I didn’t get rid of those and will mess with them and the Champ tomorrow. As I sat in the studio beside the Kelemen Champ, playing my Vizcarra Strat – plugged directly into the amp – I was wondering whether I should drop the Line6 for next year’s tour altogether. Hm, speaking about next year’s tour – we are cooking up something very special for the Summer tour. I don’t want to jinx it, but let me just say Boris would love it.


  1. dave

    Would the 2 cd package be similar to La Semana box?

  2. Boris

    And Boris is holding his breath …

    Thank you for the update on your new music. I always enjoyed reading such entries a lot!

  3. Ottmar

    dave: No, that package was much too expensive to produce – our cost was $20 each!!! I have something smaller in mind, a simple box that can contain 2 CDs and a booklet. I think our cost needs to stay below $4 on this item.

    Boris: I should have more information exactly a week from today!


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