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That beautiful design is a half eaten coffee filter in my compost. I use unbleached and not-glued coffee filters and when I don’t add coffee grounds to plants, I throw the whole filter on the compost heap and within two weeks it is nearly gone.

I was listening to the electric guitar sounds on the album “Wrecking Ball” by Emmylou Harris and realize that while Line 6’s Pods (software/digital devices that mimick real guitar amps) are easy and handy devices they just don’t match the sonic beauty of a real guitar amp.

New plan: play electric guitar through the Line6 Pod, but feed the analog output from the Pod into a guitar amp and record the speaker with a microphone. This would make use of the Pod’s effects and software amp-modeling, but refine that sound by pumping it through a real speaker. Since I no longer own a guitar amp, Jon offered to let me try his customized Fender Princeton.

A Sunday Morning Twitter conversation:


Walking @ 7AM on a Sunday is something old people do. The young ones are hungover from Saturday night. I am enjoying my walk.


Are you saying you’re old?


Happily so, Dave! Our culture’s (sometimes) desperate struggle to stay young is not for me. Age does not prevent innovation, though.


Age is marker of time, while innovation is timeless.


The literal meaning of the term sabi is “mellowed by use”. Although I have plenty of rough edges left! :-)


  1. Kaz

    Hi Ottmar! Line 6 + Amp. I just want to say that I use this set up and find it works beautifully. The sound is much more toned and round. I basically just use the tubes from the amp to warm up the sound. The settings on my amp are simple, the only setting that is up is the volume ( to preference) and the mid is at full throttle, that’s it. Have a great one!

  2. Adam Solomon

    Doctor Compás is great, I’ve been using the online version (at for a year now and it’s great for making sure you understand the compás on things you’re playing and keeping you from going off compás. Anyone doing flamenco guitar trying to get to grips with compás will benefit tons from it. I haven’t bought the iOS version yet, waiting on the Mac version which I hear is on the way shortly.

    The guy behind it, Jason McGuire, is one of the top two or three flamenco guitarists in America too, a bit loco (in a good way) but a super talented guy!

  3. Carol Anderson

    And when you get to be my age 76, you will realize you were not old at all. Too bad we can’t look at ourselves from various ages, both way younger and way older. Dad was 98 when he died. Guess he was kinda young when he was my age.No, there’s no age limit for innovation.

  4. Gerry

    ‘while Line 6?s Pods (software/digital devices that mimick real guitar amps) are easy and handy devices they just don’t match the sonic beauty of a real guitar amp’
    I have realised this myself recently, through personal experience.
    I didn’t have a guitar amp – I used Digidesigns’ Eleven.
    But something wasn’t quite right. I’ve just bought a small 15 watt all tube amp/cabinet – great move! Ottmar – you should do the same!!

  5. Luz

    @Carol: I would’ve never put you over 65 much less 76! People ask my age all the time and while I tell them that my heart is 51, my soul is 35! ;-)


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