Wednesday in Tucson

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115º in Phoenix yesterday. Morning coffee with Matt, until the infamous Phoenix misters started up and we left the cafe.

During the performance I played the electric guitar and had fun with it. Did I play the strat in 2009 at all? I seem to remember that I last used it during the Summer tour of 2008. Band sounded very good. Houman played a nice tonbak solo at the end of “Snakecharmer”.

Today we are in Tucson.

From my mobile phone visual diary.

Jon and I spent more than two hours in the Shot in the Dark Cafe, drinking coffee, talking, and listening to Bob Marley. I think if the cafe had played radio at that volume I would have left after a few minutes, but reggae sounded fantastic. Finished reading “Soul Mining” by Daniel Lanois this morning. Inspiring book.


  1. Luz

    Heat index today in Houston around 105 AND no misters!

  2. kaz

    ‘The infamous Phoenix misters’ ??? I guess I’m too up north to understand that one! The cold Canadian winters must have something to do with it! ;)

  3. Ernie

    Saw the performance last night in Tucson… amazing as always. Really liked the new untitled track that you played in the beginning. I was with my wife in the second row, and it was a pleasure to see you ‘up close’ again. Hope to see you next year again my friend.

  4. Panj

    You are a Master of the Electric Guitar to the extreme Ottmar…any chance of us hearing some of your electric work here, before you close your pages? Can’t wait to hear you live again someday…until then…God Speed!

  5. dave

    I’ll have to check out Soul Mining. Thanks for the tip.

  6. Ottmar

    Luz: no misters necessary in Houston… humidity already as high as possible, yes? :-)

    kaz: see one of the photos here: small water droplets are sprayed into the air. They cool by evaporation. They also waste water and contribute to making the city of Phoenix more humid than it was.

    Earnie: thanks! I enjoyed playing at the Fox!

    Panj: I think we are recording most of these shows, so yes, there is a good chance of that…

    dave: I think you will like it. Jon was reading Levon Helm’s “This Wheel’s On Fire” while I was reading “Soul Mining”, and he enjoyed that book very much.


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