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I thought that SoundCloud could replace my iDisk account, but the quality of their streaming seems very poor to me. Please compare the SoundCloud streams I posted yesterday with these streams and let me know in the comments what you hear. Thanks!

Barcelona Nights from Santa Fe:

Barcelona Nights from The Santa Fe Sessions:


  1. yumi

    Listening and comparing, for myself, I think the depth of the sound is shortened with SoundCloud.

    I will be very interested to learn what others think about the difference, or if there is one to them.

  2. Steve(brokerbiker)

    Yumi- I agree with you. The difference seemed very apparent to me, immediately. I will compare again using my headphones, but SoundCloud seems very thin and I would not ‘store’ my music on it.

  3. Joe

    I too agree that the difference is very apparent, even more so with headphones.

  4. LindaW

    I too agree, the SoundCloud is lacking.

  5. Ottmar


    Apparently SoundCloud always streams 128kbps, regardless of the file stored on their server. In addition they may compress on the fly, in order to save space.

    I am still hoping that Apple might consider continuing iDisk beyond next Summer, but in the meantime I will continue my search.

  6. v2or

    I have to eco what everyone else said the sound difference if very apparent.

  7. Steve(brokerbiker)

    Ottmar- You gave us a ‘heads up’ on Apple Airplay. I just bought a new Pioneer A/V Receiver that has Airplay built in. Pioneer also has a vtuner Internet App that works through Airplay devices to provide Internet radio. I can now listen to Radio Free Santa Fe on a variety of devices.


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