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Band sounded good last night. Very happy with the progress we have made. We played for three hours (two shows) and didn’t get to our hotel until 01:30. Now we have today and most of Monday to reflect on the performance and in my case, to work on my electric guitar setup. Only got the repaired guitar back late Friday afternoon and did not want to play it at the Soiled Dove since I literally had not touched it since 2008 or 2009.

Since the MobileMe iDisk, which I use for streaming and downloading music files in this Journal, and the Gallery will unfortunately be discontinued by Apple, I have been looking for replacements. Maybe SoundCloud will work. Still trying to figure out the HTML5 version of their widget, but in the meantime here is the Flash version of the Widget.

The first track is the new Barcelona Nights 2011 (from Santa Fe), and the second track is the old Barcelona Nights 2003 (from The Santa Fe Sessions):

Barcelona Nights-2011 by ottmar

Barcelona Nights-2003 by ottmar

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  1. LindaW

    Excellent shows last night Ottmar!

    my twitter reference last night was for Turkish Nights and Barcelona night.. both were HOT! The interaction between musicians quite nice to see and listen to.

    I suspect there was no one in the house that wasn’t moving some body part to the beat!

    Again, Thank you!


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