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I am trying out Tumblr for a visual diary, while we all wait for iCloud…
Mobile Phone Images on Tumblr


  1. Kaz

    Its true when they say a picture is worth a thousand words..beautiful Ottmar!! I hope you, your family and the band are doing great!

  2. carol

    I’m feeling sad about the fires down there. Santa Fe had the most wonderful fresh air. The only scent should be of lavender.
    It’s hard to imagine herre in S”Dak. Because this is first day in weeks that the sun is out. It’s been cold and rainy. The town is sandbagging because the Missouri has opened all the flood gates. We’re still okay in Chamberlain, but so much water is on it’s way SO many washed out roads and homes flooded.
    But how much worse to see your world go up in flames in the extreme heat and drouth
    I hope the weather straighten out If only we could send this water to help

  3. Luz

    @Carol: I heard about South Dakota & thought of you immediately but glad to hear you’re ok in Chamberlain. Here in Houston we got some much needed rain because fires were in our back door.

  4. carol

    I heard that Texas finally got rain. I was relieved to hear it. Yes, I’m up the hill from the water.

  5. Panj

    Thanks for the pictures, Ottmar…Peaceful…mostly…


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