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Music and Spontaneity at World Science Festival – NYTimes.com
When the Melody Takes a Detour, the Science Begins

Trailer for an upcoming documentary movie about Yohji Yamamoto:
I am always finding the way… how to pay…
A very moving video, I find, and here Yohji is not talking about money.

Disney’s MultiPlane Camera
Walt Disney’s MultiPlane Camera (Filmed: Feb. 13, 1957) – YouTube

The Global War on Drugs has Failed — Marginal Revolution
The report of The Global Commission on Drug Policy is very strongly worded and the commissioners are so stellar it will be difficult to ignore

Upaya Newsletter for 6/6/2011
This is my simple religion.
There is no need for complicated philosophies, not even for temples. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple.
The philosophy is kindness.
– His Holiness The Dalai Lama

The Peonies are blooming:

Because of the big fire in Arizona smoke has been in the air for days. Last night, long before sunset, the red sun was sending these tendrils into a room in my house…

Hazy sky with bright red sun, nearly an hour before sunset:


  1. carol

    thank you for the music and photos , and for the Dalai Lama’s words about the ” religion” of kindness. I so agree.
    And thank you for your countless acts of kindness. I’m only one of the multitudes you’ve helped so much.

  2. Panj

    The Photos are so awfully beautiful…striking! The words of the Dalai Lama soothing…your Music healing! Danke sehr

  3. yumi

    When I first saw that trailer on Yohji Yamamoto, I thought how about how events that are wide and close, define us. We may not even see it.

    Looking forward to the documentary and a nice coincidence to see the link here.


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