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02011-06-07 | Music | 12 comments

As promised, here is some music from the last tour, three pieces recorded live to 2-track at Infinity Hall, in Norfolk, in May. First “Passing Storm” from Nouveau Flamenco:

Download here.

Next, this is “Cedar Smoke” from P-O-P:

Download here.

And this is a new, untitled and unreleased track:

Download here.


  1. Steve(brokerbiker)

    Once I got my JBL Aliens re-connected properly, these recordings sounded great! Enjoyed the unreleased New Tangos and Passing Storm and Cedar Smoke are two of my favorites. With the uncontrolled AZ fires, Cedar Smoke is ironic. Would like to hear it in SATX or Houston (again, as last year). Interesting photos showing the effects of the smoke in SF. Thanks for taking your time posting all!

  2. Scott

    Thank you, Ottmar–these are excellent. I’m really going to miss being delighted with new non-album tracks from time to time, but I’m grateful for the ones I’ve collected!

  3. stephen duros

    Band sounds great!! Love the arrangement of Passing Storm. Super cool ending too.

  4. Günter

    Thank you for the wonderful music.
    It is very much appreciated!

  5. LindaW

    Excellent music, as always. I especially like the New Tangos!

    Thanks Ottmar, I will miss this special little glimpse into your music once you close the diary.

  6. Ulrich

    Really great. The Band sounds like it was in Munich last March. Could it be possible that I heard the third track somewhere else?

  7. John

    That new track is great, thanks for sharing.

  8. dave


  9. yumi

    All are beautiful…but, “Cedar Smoke” is absolutely exquisite. Wonderful to hear the music grow.

  10. Kaz

    Sounds Great!! Grazie!!

  11. Mark

    Just brilliant Ottmar. Your live music is just spectacular. I still hope you’ll consider letting your fans buy some of your live recordings online!

  12. Panj

    Danke sehr!!!


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