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alva noto + ryuichi sakamoto “s” tour
That is Alva Noto’s blog about touring with Ryuichi Sakamoto. Looks to be a great experience. There are many YouTube examples. Here is the first one I looked at.

It reminded me of a project Andrew Gaskin did in 2007, when he remixed three tracks from One Guitar. You can find them in the LL.

And as these things go, then I also received an email from Andrew yesterday…

Here is Andrew’s remix, called Out ot the Blue – Big Blue Room Mix

And here is the original track Out of the Blue:

I added a Santa Fe to our catalog page. We sold half of the 1,000 CDs we had manufactured and are currently working on a new cover for the SSRI version of the album. I haven’t heard when the Lifescapes CD will hit Target stores. Will find out and let you know.

And, this should be the last addition to the Summer tour, a performance at Harlow’s, in Sacramento, on July 5th. It means we will get to spend July 4th in San Francisco again… I am getting my Brompton ready for the four days we will have in the city.


  1. yumi

    After seeing the movie, bought the soundtrack to “Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence”.

    I think the movie remains memorable because of the music.

  2. Steve(brokerbiker)

    Ottmar- Do take the Brompton ‘on the plane’ (isn’t it interesting we still tend to use that term)? Does it pack well for you? I do not have a travel bike, but it makes sense for you.
    I took one of my road bikes on my last flight to SFO and was happy I had it. My driver, who I have used whenever I go out there, always drives for Robin Williams and told me about his extensive bicycle collection. I had met Robin years back at a Lance Armstrong Ride Gala and introduced him to a bike shop owner friend of mine, who subsequently sold him a Ferrari Colnago special edition, on the spot.
    Bring your Brompton to SATX when you tour here?

  3. Panj

    Danke sehr Ottmar for all the wonderful sights and sounds! Love them all, and this time especially Andrew’s remix. Very relaxing. Finances permitting, hope to see you guys in Sacramento of Sf. (crossing fingers) :-)

  4. Panj

    Yumi…love that cut, “Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence”. where ever did you find it?

  5. yumi

    Ottmar, I hope that you do not mind me answering Panj’s question for a moment…

    Panj, I found it long ago at a place that does not exist anymore called, “Tower Records”.
    Here is a video:

    If you go to Ottmar’s Tuesday video and only listen to the beginning of the music while watching the GIF link, it’s quite fun. I don’t know what Sakamoto-san would think though…

  6. Ottmar

    Steve: haven’t flown with my Brompton, but that should not be a problem as I have a hard case for it – you can find it here: (scroll down). The case keeps the bike safe underneath the bus. I have started riding the Brompton again, to get used to how it handles before we start the tour in a few weeks. Great bike.

  7. Panj

    Danke sehr Ottmar for allowing Yumi to post that link to ‘Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence’ and Thank You Yumi so much…I had no idea there were so many versions. The only piece I had heard was off the Zen tv channel and was by Momix and Low P…so was totally amazed and delighted to savor your link…awesome piece!…and so many more discoveries from there!!! Thank You both again!


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