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The 20th Century Limited:
Sunday Streamline #29: Dreyfuss Rockets

50 Watts
BLICKFANG: The Eye-Catching Covers of Weimar Berlin

Speakeasy – WSJ
Werner Herzog on Why He’s Suspicious of Modern Art

Volume Brooch
Oh, and of course it’s worth noting that, “These go to eleven.”

The World’s Last Typewriter Factory Is Closed – Yahoo! News
The World’s Last Typewriter Factory Is Closed

Privacy and incentives – Marco.org
The reason everyone’s up in arms about the iPhone’s location database, I think, isn’t that the data is particularly incriminating or embarrassing for most people. Rather, we’ve simply been reminded quite how much of our lives these convenient pocket computers are privy to.

People would be similarly freaked out, if not more so, if they saw how much Facebook and Google know about them.

Fred Eerdekens | Design Milk
Fred Eerdekens plays with light and shadow using a variety of materials — from plants to wire to cereal boxes — to spell out words. What looks like a simple arrangement of objects takes on a whole new meaning once light hits it in just the right spot.

Unseen — For Nihon | Various (mp3 / flac)
After learning about the tragic events of the Japanese earthquake on March 11th my wife, Hollie, and I were talking about ways to help. We decided to ask a few friends to join a compilation to help raise money. A few quickly became many as we were overwhelmed and warmed by the eagerness of these musicians to get involved.

“For Nihon” features some of the premier names in ambient / experimental music. 100% of the profits from the sale of this album will be donated to the Japan Earthquake Relief Fund set up by New York’s Japan Society.

BBC News – Brains of Buddhist monks scanned in meditation study
Brains of Buddhist monks scanned in meditation study

Banned books return to shelves in Egypt and…
A number of highly political titles censored by the regime of ousted Tunisian president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali are now returning to the country’s bookshop shelves.

Main Page – GigaPan Time Machine
Explore simultaneously in space and time with GigaPan Time Machine


  1. Panj

    Ottmar, was Morning Arrival at Goa only available for 24 hrs? When the music box opens…it says ‘no file found’…I did reboot…and the same thing…and when I hit ‘download here’ it only makes a sound. Hope you are settled nnd refreshing well at home. Thanks for everything!

  2. Ottmar

    No, just checked and it works fine. Seems to work for everyone else as well. Did you click on the embedded audio or the download link? Did you check your browser’s download folder?

  3. Panj

    ***Did you click on the embedded audio or the download link? Did you check your browser’s download folder?***
    …ummm…well…could have…not sure…will get some help and let u know…Thanks…:-)

  4. Carol Anderson

    I’m sure not surprised to see Rueters news saying that Santa Fe and Honolula have the freshest air in the United States. I thought our SDak. air was fresh till I went there. I miss it.

  5. Panj

    Got it…had to go thru another puter…but the computer dragon on this end got it done for me…danke Ottmar!


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