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Two versions of the same album. The music on the CDs, including the sequence, will be identical, only the printing on the CD and the covers/containers will be different. The first image is the cover Somerset designed, for their jewel case version of the CD which will be available at Target stores in June. The second image is, of course, our version, in the DigiPack format we have been using for years. Somerset were given the same images we used, and were in fact offered our design, but opted for an adobe house image they licensed somewhere.

I do not know their market and therefore accept whatever they come up with, as strange as that is for me – I have always had a hand in the design of the covers before. May they hit a bullseye on their “target” and sell a gazillion CDs. They did very well with Spanish Sun.


  1. Adam Solomon

    I actually like the upper third of the Target cover, at least. I’m sure the “Relaxing Spanish Guitar” sticker will sell a ton of CDs so good idea for them to put it on the cover, but to me it’s got a bit of a cheese factor and it definitely doesn’t do the music justice; it’s not quite Spanish, and it has far more value than music meant for “relaxing.” But it’s hard to fit much in the way of subtleties on a sticker on a CD cover! :)

  2. marijose

    I will be sure to wear my sunglasses to check out the CD display at Target. :)

  3. Ottmar

    Adam: Agreed. I had nothing to do with that and am not comfortable with either of the terms, Spanish and Relaxing… but, as long as they can sell CDs and send us money they can call it anything they please.

    Marijose: Indeed! Better to see and hear the new band and get our version. No sunglasses necessary.

  4. dave

    Will Santa Fe be available at Narrows show in Fall River next Tuesday?

  5. Ottmar

    dave: it sure looks like it right now. The CDs are due to arrive in Santa Fe tomorrow and we will fly with a number of them on Saturday.

  6. Luz

    Hi ya Dave! My new best friend! ;)

  7. dave

    That’s good news! See you Tuesday.

    Luz, :-).


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