As seen by my phone

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The last tour, as seen by my phone.

See this website.


  1. LindaW

    I ran the locator app this morning and I was surprised, apparently my phone went to areas in NM that I haven’t ever been to and it did not visit the Soiled Dove in Denver last year.

    I should take my phone on tour, that would be interesting!

  2. Ottmar

    The file only contains cell-tower info, not GPS. The tower an be miles from the actual location. I don’t think that the file is meant to record locations at all, but cell tower performance, and bet it will be gone after the next iOS update.

    I would actually love having an encrypted file containing the history of my GPS locations on my phone. It would make it easier for me to add up the mileage to figure out my annual carbon-offset.

  3. LindaW

    I suspect this file could be “skewed” as well by jail breaking the phone and then restoring it. (yes, I did it)

    I came across an article while wasting.. err filling in a blank time at work today. It said that there is a Cydia app that will let you snag the file and do what you want with it. I wish they would hake a ledit application to do that.

  4. LindaW

    oops, make that leGit app.. (autocorrect strikes again!)

  5. Panj

    Love the idea of one being able to track one’self…but not of others having access to this info…well unless I was lost and missing…:-)
    The visual tracks would be facinating…the map would be motion art.


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