Another time, long ago…

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  1. Luz

    Love it! Can I just say that I do miss albums! I purchased a CD on Tuesday & while it was great to have the music instantly-there was nothing to hold in my hand and marvel at the artwork, read the names of indiviuals involved in the making of the music, read the lyrics, etc…
    Yes, I have a bunch of old albums sitting in the corner of a closet but I still consider them works of art that I treasure.

  2. Panj

    Totally, Luz. After Ottmar noted the sound comparisons of album vx cd…i am looking forward to listening to some old albums once more. Books and Albums…gotta have them!

  3. yumi

    Mikey Way, “I’ll usually buy the 12 inch because I like the cover really big and I’ll put it into a frame when I’m done listening to it,” he said.”

  4. Carol Anderson

    I have so many from the ’60’s and “70’s and you know? they sound better on my new turntable than they ever did before.


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