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Thoughtful article regarding nuclear power in the Guardian. It’s not new, but I only got around to reading it this weekend.

Burning coal is certainly not the answer, because of the environmental damage it causes. I think what’s needed is a portfolio of energy sources, a mix of new nuclear plants and as much renewables as possible. I also think energy production needs to be de-centralized and homeowners must be given incentives to install wind and solar electricity production, and if that doesn’t inspire people we will need laws requiring self production of a certain amount of the energy one uses. Like with so many things, there is no quick and perfect single solution, and certainly not one that requires no involvement from the public at all.

Dropped my Negra off this morning for a fretboard overhaul – been playing the guitar for about nine years now and it’s time. Then I dropped off my laptop to have the failed system drive replaced with an OWC SS (flash) drive. It is supposed to make a startling difference to have a solid state drive in a MacBook Pro. I’ll let you know whether that is true… Hopefully I will get the computer back on Thursday, so I can upload the photos I took with my camera – as opposed to the images I captured with my phone.

Now I’ll restring my Blanca with the new Flamenco strings from D’Addario. This will be my first time trying them.


  1. Victor

    Let us know what you think of the new strings, are the the DAddario Flamenco ones? Thanks

  2. Ottmar

    dave: yes, indeed! Well designed nuclear power plants, combined with the technology Bill Gates supports, could be the solution. It is unrealistic to expect people to stop using electricity and it is equally unrealistic to think that renewables could supply the amount of juice everyone consumes.

    Victor: yes, I am trying out the D’Addarion Flamenco sets, EJ25C and EJ25B. The bass strings have the same tension as the ones from the composite sets I am used to, but all three treble strings have higher tension, which I don’t like – so far. I’ll give it a week to see whether I can get used to it. More later.

  3. Adam Solomon

    I’m usually somewhat skeptical of strings marketed as “flamenco.” Classical strings tend to work just fine for the job, and many flamencos I know use the classical D’Addario Pro Artes (especially the composites with that coffee-colored G string, very percussive, muy flamenco!). So I’d be very interested to hear your experiences with their flamenco strings once you’ve tried them some more.


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