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Good Morning! Miss me?

Late gig on Friday. Started at 22:00 and ended around midnight. Very special, very Italian… more about that and my impressions from the past three weeks… soon.

Got back to the hotel a little after 01:00 and stayed up talking with my friend Craig, who like in 1996 accompanied us on the Italian leg of the tour, until it was time for lobby call at 03:30. One hour drive to the airport in Bologna. Grabbed a little sleep on the planes (3 flights, no upgrades available) and arrived at home after just about 24 hours of travel.

I don’t think there are any recordings from this tour which is a shame because some of the venues and performances were very special – like the fabulous Teatro in Trento this week. I should have set up my iPhone with the Blue Mikey to record at least a few songs, but didn’t think of it. Well, we called this the sleepless tour, which might be the reason I didn’t think of it.

Once my laptop is repaired I will post photos I took with my DSLR. Hope everyone is well… and more later!


  1. Luz

    Welcome back home and yes we did miss you but thanks for the updates via Twitter. Looking forward to more photos and updates.

  2. Carol Anderson

    Uh huh, you were missed, but like Luz says, we appreciate your keeping us along with you on Twitter. Trust you to think you should have done more on this tour than you did. you’re remarkable.

  3. Victor

    Welcome back and hope to see you stateside soon.

  4. Brenda

    Good Morning Sunshine!

  5. Kaz

    Welcome back!! Missed you lots! I knew the cousins in the home land would treat you nice! Can’t wait for the pix! Sei Forte Ottmar!!

  6. Ottmar

    Thank you all!

    Kaz: they did indeed. You know you are in Italy when the airport coffee stand has better coffee than 95% of all fancy cafes in the USA. Make that 99%. I will write about our last performance of the tour, in a small town near Ravenna, tomorrow. That was a very special experience! And, our Italian promoter wanted to book us for the Italian WOMAD festival in July, but since we are already on tour in the USA at that time, he promised to book us for the next one in the Summer of 2012. We are all very excited about that!!

  7. Panj

    Happy Home Coming…you were missed…but it is good to think of all the folks that got to hear you live!


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