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Came across this today by accident. Why should this information be kept private? I realize that it’s part of the language in the test ban treaty, but come on, that’s ridiculous. The public has a right to know. Air quality and radiation readings should be available everywhere! I imagine a website that any person can access to look at current readings across the country, and in fact the world. Could be something on the U.N. website, or a new project for Mr. Gates. http://air.com would be a catchy and memorable URL. What do you think?

Radiation Reaches California: But Don’t Rush for the Iodide Tabs
Minuscule amounts of radiation – “about a billion times beneath levels that would be health threatening” – have been detected in Southern California, fallout from the developing nuclear disaster in Japan. The U.N. keeps many measuring stations throughout the world, and the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization, which keeps all its test results private, detected radiation Friday in a California station. The diplomat who released the news asked for anonymity.

The CTBTO stations run by the U.N. are interesting, set up around the world to monitor atmospheric nuclear testing. Those that have capability to detect radionuclides are scattered throughout the world, from Tahiti to Sand Point, Alaska to Macquarie Island, south of New Zealand, to St. Johns, Newfoundland.


  1. Vic

    I agree. There should be a non-profit organization that should monitor and provide this kind of information to any citizen of this world.

  2. Panj


  3. Carol Anderson

    Just in case consume lots of iodized salt….uh…guess that’s not so healthy either..

  4. Carol Anderson

    I wish we could stick to wind, water and solar power and the like, and try to keep our earth safe.

  5. stephen duros

    “Given the danger of iodide tablets — they can be harmful to those with allergies to shellfish and compromised thyroids”

    Uh Oh, I didn’t know that (shellfish)!!

  6. Panj

    Where o where has Ottmar gone…following his schedule I am sure…but it seems so strange not to have pics and tales of your travels, Ottmar
    …please let us know you are safe :-)

  7. Luz

    @Panj: Ottmar’s response before leaving on tour…”might not have a lot of access to update this Journal in the next three weeks, but opened a new Twitter account to tell you about our journey as it unfolds. You don’t have to join Twitter to read my posts at http://twitter.com/ottmarliebert. If you are on Twitter you can follow @ottmarliebert…

  8. Carol Anderson

    I like to invision the Koln response to Ottmar and Luna Negra. They must be so proud of him And how does it feel to come back and perform for your “home town”? Pretty wonderful I think. I’ll bet they’re having fun, and I’m so happy that he can perform there. Hope lots of old friends and family are there to greet him.

  9. yumi

    Ottmar writes:”Why should this information be kept private?”

    This was a response from Martyn Williams (Tokyo Bureau Chief for IDG News Service)writing about a speech made by Dr. Robert Peter Gale (American physician and medical researcher):

    “Gale was initially speaking about the situation here, but expands to say many gov’ts lack ability to explain radiation to public.”

    I could agree with that partially, but I think it is willingness and as the time of an event lengthens to admit something went wrong and to whom do those responsibilities belong.


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