Orlando, second half

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You can download this file here.

This is the second half of the concert in Orlando on January 20th.

We had a trio rehearsal this morning, because Houman already flew to Germany to get his visa. If all goes well, he will join us in Riga on Sunday.

I might not have a lot of access to update this Journal in the next three weeks, but opened a new Twitter account to tell you about our journey as it unfolds. You don’t have to join Twitter to read my posts at http://twitter.com/ottmarliebert. If you are on Twitter you can follow @ottmarliebert. I have had a sleeper account (((meaning I have never posted there))) under an alias for a while and have been following the tragedy in Japan and the events in the Middle East via Twitter. I was impressed with the information I was able to glean. Much of it was of higher quality, and was spread faster, than what was available from the disgustingly sensationalist American news TV channels.

PS: Really, I can play that first piece, a duet with Houman, much better than that. Damn, I choked a few times that evening… I look forward to working on this piece with Houman during the coming weeks. Before this Journal comes to an end at the end of May I shall upload a much improved version.


  1. Steve(brokerbiker)

    The WSJ (it grinds me to read a publication owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp) had an interesting article today on how the Japanese government reports casualties and missing people. They basically do not count them until they are ‘confirmed’ missing, and as so many towns were wiped out, there may not be family members alive to file a report. The statistics are likely far worse.
    It is always positive when one identifies their own ‘shortcomings’ despite no one else noticing. I have never truly ‘mastered’ anything in my life.

  2. Ottmar

    The way I see it: data is data is data – as long as I can glean unadulterated and not manipulated information I don’t care what color the cover is.

  3. Luz

    Thanks Ottmar for allowing us to follow you via Twitter for your next tour. I’m still on Twitter & it can be a nuisance at times but I too did follow tweets from Japan & found it to be better than following the American news.

  4. yumi

    Multiple levels of information and from every source, but my best information came from NHK (which I had totally forgotten and was grateful for the reminder), or twitter (and only from a few sources who are good at gathering info).

    News media beckons the public with so much entertainment that in a sudden event that demands the focus of accuracy, like any discipline it takes work to get there.

  5. Linda W

    I too have been getting news from NHK, they have a 24/7 USTREAM broadcast. I have friends in Japan and was able to verify that they are safe via this source of info.

    Thanks for opening up your twitter again for this tour, I look forward to hearing your adventures in 140 characters or less, and seeing you play again in the summer.

  6. Vic

    Look forward to your “tweets” on your journey as it unfolds.

    Thanks for reminding us about the upcoming demise of Ottmar-Friends in May. :(

  7. Adam Solomon

    “Really, I can play that first piece, a duet with Houman, much better than that. Damn, I choked a few times that evening…”

    Thanks for the reminder you’re human too :) I was playing a bulería in college a few weeks back and flubbed quite a few times, didn’t play nearly as well as I normally do, so it’s nice to know that still happens at the high levels too! Good luck on the tour.

  8. Adam Solomon

    Completely understand if this doesn’t get answered for several weeks: About 4 minutes in you play your distinctive trémolo. From the speed of the treble notes I feel like in a “normal” (i.e. pami) trémolo you’d be playing half the bass notes you are. Are you playing it pami (thumb-ring-middle index) or are you adding in an extra bass note for each trémolo?


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