Orlando, first half.

02011-03-16 | Music | 4 comments

You can download the file here.

Since Jon thinks this first show of our new 2011 Luna Negra quartet turned out pretty good and since Mark asked here is the first half of our Orland concert on January 20th – warts and all.

I will post the second half on Friday, and since I won’t take my laptop to Europe this time there won’t be many posts after that, until we return on April 9th. You can follow my photos from this journey here.


  1. Vic

    Looking forward to following your images from your European journey.

  2. Mark

    Thanks so much for sharing Ottmar, just brilliant. Without trying to sound greedy, more please, it’s wonderful!

  3. Scott

    Thank you for sharing this, Ottmar. My wife and I were at the Orlando concert a year ago and have since moved so we were really sad to miss this one. We can’t wait to catch another concert again soon.

    I love how you sound live, and like Mark, I would gladly pay for albums of live music.


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