Dancing Alone

02011-03-04 | Music | 5 comments

Here is Dancing Alone, from Petals On the Path, as we played in on 21. January in Florida. I like the switches between the more R&B-ish backbeat and the rumba sections!

Here is a screenshot to show you what this post looks like on my iPhone:

That little symbol to the right of the numbers “-3:54”, a triangle within a rectangle, is Apple’s Airplay switch. You will only see it IF your network contains one or more AirPort Express Wi-Fi base stations that connect to stereo systems. In my case it shows the option to play the above embedded track over three different stereos in the house plus the headphones I am wearing. I think Airplay is the greatest new option in iOS 4, because it allows streaming of any audio content (((including the audio in videos))) from any iOS device – iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad – to any AirPort Express stereo in the network. I imagine that will make for a nice listening party, where everyone who brings an iPhone can play their favorite track right through my speakers…


  1. Adam Solomon

    That Airplay feature is *awesome*. I had no idea that was in iOS 4.

    Nice job capturing the screenshot but if you really wanted to capture mind-bending recursion, surely you would have posted a screenshot of the post with the screenshot already in it? I think the infinite recursion of iPhone screenshots would be amusing, though rather technically challenging :)

    I like the R&B groove in the chorus, it’s got a way different feel than on the album.

  2. Panj

    Thanks…the song brings back so many memories and much relaxation!

  3. Steve(brokerbiker)

    Ottmar, this is a nice version and appreciate the post and the tip on AirPort Express. I liked the MacBook Pro so much, I added the iMac, so this is a great feature.

  4. Ottmar

    The AirPort Express has both analog and digital outputs. Since a small device of that kind cannot have a great digital-to-analog converter built in, one can use a dedicated D/A converter for better sound. Some newer CD players allow digital inputs, in which case all one needs is a Toslink (Lightpipe) cable.

  5. Mark


    While disappointed that you’re not continuing to allow downloads of your music posts, I understand your reasoning. However, listening to some of your downloads today, I’ll certainly miss listening to more recordings that you posted such as Austin 2004 & Santa Barbara 2008. Your live performances are stunning. Have you considered recording your concerts and selling digitally as so many are these days? I’d gladly pay to hear more of your live performances!

    Best, Mark


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